(Original article posted on january 12nd 2016 by Cailloux)

New Year’s marks a new change of vibrational frequency.

A new year has just begun.

This time marks the start of a change in a precise and defined way.

Change as a renewal.

Change as a transformation.

Change in accordance with the Notes of Spiritual Values.

The old structures of the past are getting more and more weak.

The renewal spirit blows the wind of transformation.

This year, hence, marks the start, the beginning of a new phase for humanity and for everyone (2012-2016: 4 years).

Number 4, in its symbolic significance, means concretisation.

The concretisation process

It takes place by specific Laws which start the path to turn the initial idea of a drawing into a reality.

These Laws encode some Superior Information which are able to transfer and transform the original idea into a process of four main steps:

  1. Will of the original idea.

  2. Energetic movement that promotes the start of a realisation process. The Energy on the basis of the Creation is the Energy of Love which catalyses and unites every molecule of both one and all elements. The idea set in motion by the Primary Energy is moving to find its own rootedness.

  3. Gestation. The idea gradually begins to take shape.

  4. Concretisation. The idea from mould turns and crystallizes, collapses into a concrete shape.

However, the whole process itself is dependent on other factors and variables:

  • correlations

  • interrelations

  • contributory causes

  • synchronicity

Thus, the time to achieve concretisation of an original idea is variable in nature and not defined in absolute terms.

The nature of intentions is what surely means, but also the correlation between the individual plan and the Divine Superior Plan.

When this correlation occurs, the possibility of concretisation and speeding are perfectly plausible.

(Translation by Carlotta Cimatti)