(Original article posted on january 18th 2016 by Cailloux)

Why our aspirations don’t often take shape despite the good intentions, the coherence between good resolutions and actions, the sense of responsibility and the determination to achieve our goals?

The most frequent answers concern:

  • conflict between the Ego’s and the Soul’s will

  • karma

  • opposition between desires and True needs

  • quality of time (it’s not time yet)

  • the fact that, once you identify your target, you don’t let go.

One more reason can exist.

If the goal is not achieved, it’s because the process of concretisation hasn’t reached the point of no return.

The flow of becomingness deploys in a sine way movement.

The elaboration and the consumption of a process that includes an ascent and a descent phase (sine wave) is what permits to achieve the point of no return.

The intersection point between ascent and descent is the point of no return.

Here is where a transformation in energy terms and an individual awareness occur, that enable a turning point of the concretisation of change.

(Translation by Carlotta Cimatti)