Originally posted on the 9th of February 2016 by Cailloux

Sometimes it can happen that you find yourself embroiled in extremely complicated situations, which seems hard getting away from, despite the lucidity about the role play that is achieved by the actors involved .

In such cases, you feel like you are not able to take any decision on this matter, because any direction, foreseeable or plausible, would lead to further disadvantages.

Even when you succeed in carrying out a clean decision making, your personal involvement, however, would remain as a result of a spillover effect.

Thus, can lead the individual, who lives this experience, to a sense of helplessness that persuades them to play and perceive their own role in a liability light, at the mercy of the other or the others that are involved in this matter, or at the mercy of events.

So, how much and what can choose the Ego?

Free will and free choice.

The individual Being is made of various aspects ( physical body, psyche, Soul, Spirit or Higher Self) and every aspect has its own way of Existing.

In contingent circumstances, everyone exercises and expresses the personality (the Self). The personality acts and reacts in response to stimuli that are induced by several situations and opportunities.

In the awakening process, it has been said how the Soul initiates a self-awareness process, in order to progressively aligns itself, for vibration, with its own Higher Self.

During this process, also the Ego ( personality ) comes alongside in the process of harmonization.

The non-awakened Ego faces and expresses itself through what it perceives according to the the state of consciousness, purely aligned with the will to survive and the will to achieve its own basic needs (livelihoods, relationships , roles …).

In this stage, the Ego lives on illusions, believing they are the absolute truth (totally identification with your own roles, your own status, your own family…).

Nevertheless, this distorted picture of the Ego does not fall within a broader view, aligned with the Consciousness of Truth.

It is important to distinguish what is meant by “free will”.

Free will means the capacity of an individual who has achieved the conditions of discerning the True from the false.

Those who are along the rise process (see the previous article) gradually retrieve the right discernment.

A soul, when has not awakened yet, does not profess the free will but first (before the incarnation)expresses choices in conformity with its own state of consciousness.

As a result, also the personality, related to that Soul, expresses in its experiencing the capability of choice.

… to be continued

Translation by Carlotta Cimatti