Originally posted on the 10th of February 2016 by Cailloux

This capability of choice is also related to the unconscious and subconscious reality. (Unconscious refers to the psychic part where the basic instincts, the instinctual Self, and the dormant and wiped memories lie. Subconscious refers to an even deeper psychic level, that concerns recondite emotions, also due to traumatic situations or inexplicable fears).

All that is chosen by the personality, does not always relate to the Conscious reality only.

Often the individual places itself or decides about its own directions, following some unconscious or also subconscious pushes.

Account should therefore be taken of those possibilities.

Drawing the proper considerations, in certain cases an individual expresses its own choices consciously, while in other cases unconsciously.

However, the Soul is what always directs and attracts situations, events and relationships, conductive to one’s own evolution, to itself.

It can therefore be understood how the argument about free will is very complex and dialectical.

It is true that earthly reality lives out in duality (light-shadow, hot-cold, health-sickness…), but it is also true that the state of consciousness is what always decides the direction of one’s own steps.

It is true that the individual stands alongside other individuals and therefore other situations, spinning a interweave of a web that has to be deployed. However, it is also true that the Soul has already provided its incarnation project at the source with a predetermined path, that stands alongside variables itself.

Hence, the freedom of choice of an individual essentially consists in choosing one variable or the other. All these variables flow otherwise to the will of the soul in order to undertake determinate directions to its evolution.

In the rising process the individual, regaining the Right Discernment, attracts situations, events and relationships in accordance with the reality of Love (see also previous article).

As a result relationships, situations and events, attracted by the soul, will be situation increasingly aligned to the harmony and the well-being, because the choices of the soul and the personality aligned to it, are chosen in resonance with the Truth.

Account should also be taken of this historic moment, that the Planet Earth and the whole Humanity are facing.

The start of the new Era promotes specifically, at the level of the macrocosm (planetary and social context) and the microcosm, the dividing line between past and future.

At microcosmic level (individual context), some situations still highlight the legacy of one’s own past and a process that is not yet at the point of consummation.

The New Era, in the broader context as in the subjective and individual context, has promoted a process of Transformation.

It is a process of profound renewal, of Transmutation.

“Going back Home” (the last step in the rising process, the return to the Original Creative Source) leads you to achieve the True Freedom.

The freedom to be yourself.

The freedom to exist in the Love and in the Truth.

The freedom to be Love and to be Truth.

Translation by Carlotta Cimatti.