Original article posted on February 1st 2016 by Cailloux


The inner serenity is distinguishable from the psyche serenity.

This issue affects the dichotomy that exists between the soul’s reality and the ego’s reality.

The reincarnated person constantly lives this state of duality.

Even when the awaken Ego aligns itself, in terms of vibration, with the soul and later with the Spirit, it still lives in the relational reality.

The awaken Ego, aligned with the Self, finds the right centring and harmonisation with itself. However, the awaken Ego keeps living in the incarnate reality also trough the relationship with the external environment and with other individuals, that it encounters along its own path of the becomingness.

It is true that relationships are the mirror of one’s own evolutionary needs, in awareness of self-knowledge and the knowledge of the truth. But it is also true that the meaning of relationships rests on other foundations.

These concern the Law of Attraction and the Law of Resonance.

The Law of Attraction takes action on the subject of echoes that are promulgated by thoughts or external projections of yourself (constraints, conditions, beliefs, desires, your own experience, fears).

The Law of Resonance takes action when the echoes of individuality in their entirety attract vibrating waves of the same kind.

Hence, there are two types relationships.

The first type belongs to the conditions and the situations of becomingness.

The second type belongs to the conditions and the situations of being, therefore of Truth.

The first classification is children of basic needs of the not-awaken Ego or the Ego that is not harmonized with the Higher Self.

The second one, is children of deep needs of the soul that enters into the transmutation process, the rise process. (The rise process means the awaken soul’s start to a gradual process of alchemic transmutation, that is able to harmonise and reunite the soul itself to its Higher Self, where the Seal of God exists; our true Essence, out true Identity, our authenticity and uniqueness).

Hence, the meaning of the first type is significant for experimentation, for achieving awareness that leads to awakening, to awareness of the real significance of Love, through no-love situations (situation of suffering, sense of dissatisfaction, states of competition, prevarication and manipulation…)

The second type, promotes relationships of the soul’s complementary for a process of integration in Love and through Love, in order to be Love (love’s transformation from attribute to being).

At this stage, then, the relationships dress up with the Aura of Love.

Love is lifeblood, it’s joy, it’s peace, it’s fulfilment, it’s union, it’s sharing in the purity of intentions and actions.

Translation by Carlotta Cimatti