n ancient Aramaic, this expression means : “ Little girl, I say to You : arise !”, as mandated by Christ to Jairus’ daughter, who had already died, and suddenly she was restored again to life.

We chose this sentence because we firmly believe that, at this stage, we all must awake and arise our inner self and the Truth, through the Divine Knowledge and the Power of Love.

We are a group of people who are, for a long time now, following the path towards the full acknowledgement and the full awareness of the Truth, with the purpose to achieve and to concretize the Status of Being Love.

The Truth goes beyond the relativity and the temporariness, because the Truth goes further, beyond Space and Time.

It is the Absolute.

It is Everything that Exists as It Is, in the status of Absolute and Perfection : it is not so as it appears in the eyes of a dormant Ego’s consciousness. It’s not the appearance, it is the Essence.

It is inherent in the core, in the Essence of any individual, where the Divine D.N.A. is placed.

The articles appearing in this blog are the result of the transcription procedure, in terms of contents, of the information coming from the World of the Divine through the process of hypercommunication.

Talithakum – The Path of Truth

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